Mobile Storage Solution
$30.00 per week

(see in store for terms and conditions)

what we do

There are many reasons why our customers contact us for extra storage. Perhaps they’re going overseas and need a reliable and safe storage solution for their valued possessions. Perhaps they’re in-between houses, or moving into a smaller apartment, and need extra storage for the furniture and belongings they cannot bring with them.

Melbourne City Storage helps families, individuals, and businesses in the Northern Suburbs and beyond store all their possessions safely and conveniently. We bring the storage unit to you, you pack, and we collect and store. Get in touch today!

Business Storage

Do you have paperwork, stock, files, furniture or computers cluttering up your office? Do you need more space for your growing business? We at Melbourne City Storage has the solution for you. Use our 10 cubic metre units to de-clutter your business and give you space to grow. We will bring the units to you and pick them up the next day for secure storage at our warehouse. When you need your unit back give us a call and we will come and we will deliver the unit to you

Personal Storage

We will all need storage at some point in our lives, whether you are in between houses, downsizing or just de-cluttering and need secure storage for you valuable items, Melbourne City Storage has the solution for you. Our 10 cubic metre units are conveniently delivered to you and we pick it up the next store in our secure warehouse once you have packed the units. When you are ready for your items give us a call and we will deliver the unit to you




We deliver the storage unit directly to you, completely free of charge.


You have the benefit of being in charge of packing your own belongings.


24 hours later, we pick up your unit and deliver it to our secure warehouse.

Convenient . Affordable . Practical

Melbourne City Storage a convenient mobile storage solution. We bring the storage to you, at no cost. We simply drop a box off, you fill it up and we pick it up the day after and stow away in our secure warehouse.

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