Melbourne’s Cheapest Storage Space Prices for Your Peace of Mind

There are many reasons why people choose to enquire about storage units for hire. They may be renovating or selling their home and need to keep brittle items and in-the-way furniture away. They may be downsizing their home, but still feel uncomfortable with ridding themselves of their loved possessions. Perhaps they’re moving interstate or overseas or have realised that they’ve simply accrued too much stuff through the years.

No matter the reason, if you find yourself hard-pressed for more space in your life, Melbourne City Storage is here to help you! We help residential and commercial clients alike acquire more space for their things for cheap. We’ve also got the range of cardboard boxes you need, too!

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Cheap quality storage units available to all Melbournians

When you put away your much-loved possessions, you want the peace of mind of knowing that they’ll stay safe until you wish to retrieve them again. We use 10 cubic meter timber boxes, that allow for breathability and an even temperature in summer and winter alike. With us you don’t need to fear that your belongings will be harmed by the heat and humidity that comes along with Melbourne summers. Safety, convenience, and affordability – those are the qualities we strive to meet.

The stress-free storage solution

Moving houses, renovating, and many of the other life-events people find themselves in when they need extra storage is understandably stressful. If you’d like a little extra help in storing your items in this stressful time, look no further than us. We’ll bring your storage unit straight to your door, where you can fill it in your own time, and pack your items in the way you like. Once you’ve put away everything you wish, you simply call us, and we collect your unit and safekeep it until you once more need your belongings. Storage has never been simpler!

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