"Our prices are competititive"

personal storage

At Melbourne City Storage we understand that there are moments in your lives where you will need space to securely store your valuables. You maybe transitioning between houses or downsizing and you need secure personal storage in Melbourne for your belongings until your circumstances change. Alternatively, you may just be looking to create space in your home but irrespective of what your situation is, Melbourne City Storage will bring the storage unit to you so that you have the convenience of packing the storage unit at home. Once you have packed the storage units, we will collect it and store it at our secure warehouse.

When you’re ready to get your belongings back, give us a call and we will bring the storage unit to you so that you can unpack at your location. All we need is 24 hrs notice and we will have the unit at your location. Save money and avoid the hassle of having to pack a truck or ute to bring the items to a warehouse and then unpack it again. We deliver the unit, you put your storage items in, we pick it up and store it securely at our warehouse -now that’s convenient, affordable self storage in Melbourne!

business storage

At Melbourne City Storage we understand that your business needs space to grow and whether its decluttering your office or finding a more cost effective storage for your inventory our 10 cubic metre units are the perfect solution for business storage in Melbourne. Our units are secure and temperature controlled, you can rest assured that your important documents/files or stock is in safe hands with Melbourne City Storage where we take all necessary measures to safeguard and store your valuable possession. We also know that you need to concentrate on running your business so we conveniently bring the storage unit to you, so that you can fill the unit at your convenience and let us know when it’s ready for pickup at which point we will take it to our secure self storage space in Melbourne.

When you’re ready to have your storage items back, just give us a call and we will bring the storage unit to you to unpack. All we need is 24 hrs notice and we will have the unit at your location minus the hassle and additional costs of renting an UTE and having to unpack it twice!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our wide range of business storage solutions in Melbourne at prices anyone can afford!


We deliver the storage unit directly to you, completely free of charge.


You have the benefit of being in charge of packing your own belongings.


24 hours later, we pick up your unit and deliver it to our secure warehouse.



We bring the storage to you, you fill it and we will take it to store securely in our warehouse. When you need your items back, call us and within 24hrs we will deliver it back to you.

Full insurance available

You can insure your storage to give you piece of mind.


Our warehouse is secure with the 24hr security and cctv cameras.


Our storage solutions are competitively priced and will fit in to your budget.

Packing materials included

Tell us what you are wanting to store and we will help you with the correct packing materials, we are a one stop shop for storage.

Temperature controlled

The storage units we use are made of timber so the temperature stays the same all through the different seasons. This is unlike shipping containers that are like an oven in the summer and damp with condensation in the winter months.

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