Convenient - Affordable - Practical 

Melbourne City Storage a convenient mobile storage solution. We bring the storage to you, at no cost. We simply drop a box off, you fill it up and we pick it up the day after and stow away in our secure warehouse. 

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Full insurance available
  • Packing materials included
  • Secure
  • Temperature controlled

The storage units we use are 10 cubic meters and are made of timber so the temperature stays the same all through the different seasons. This is unlike shipping containers that are like an oven in the summer and damp with condensation in the winter months.

Once your ready to take your belongings back, simply email or call and we'll get your box straight back to you. If you need to get into your storage box then simply give us 24 hours notice and we'll have the storage unit on the ground waiting for you.

This storage system is great for pre house sales where you need to de clutter a little before the real estate inspections start. 

We Deliver

We deliver the storage unit directly to you, all completely free of charge.

You Pack

You have the benefit of being in charge of packing your own belongings

We Store

24 hours later, we pick up your unit and deliver it to our secure warehouse.